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The Photographer

My name is Dave Farina, and I am a veteran astronomy teacher with 15 years of experience teaching the science of astronomy as well as running a planetarium and observatory. I have served as president of my local astronomy club. I have attended training from some of the top astronomers in the world through the Pennsylvania State University and the NASA Space Grant Consortium. I am also a NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratories Solar System Ambassador and conduct outreach programs for the general public.

In 2020, I decided to start Cosmos Safari to help bring the world of nature, science, and astronomy to as many people as possible. My hope is that through Cosmos Safari I can provide the highest quality of information in the world of photography as possible in order to encourage others to start seeing the world around you as I do. 

"Life is your laboratory, start observing" - Dave Farina

It is my life goal to travel the world to the most beautiful places. My life goal will start through traveling with my family through the United States National Parks system, and using photography, videography, and my blog to help bring you on the journey with me.

Throughout the day, my wife and I use our understanding of science to capture the most beautiful aspects of the surrounding landscapes, floura, and fauna. By night, I escape into the darkness of the night to do astrophotography in some of the best dark sky location. 

"The Universe is Closer than you Think"- Dave Farina

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