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Images of Space with my Camera - RV Camping Cherry Springs State Park
Cosmos Safari

Images of Space with my Camera - RV Camping Cherry Springs State Park

Taking images of space with my DSLR Camera at the while RV camping at Cherry Springs State Park, 2019, was a great time. Cherry Springs is one of the best places to conduct Astrophotography and Milkyway photography in the Northeast United States. Ever thought about making a trip to Cherry Springs? Check out this informational video documenting the experience of Cosmos Safari host Dave Farina's trip to Cherry Springs for this year's Black Forest Star Party. "Check out my most recent video on the Black Forest Star Party. This is my personal favorite video I've done so far and I'm really proud of the inclusion of music into my videos. I want to tell a story of how this amazing hobby has captured my mind and my soul. Join me in my experience through this video. Please like/subscribe to my channel and help me build my audience so that I can continue to make videos like these." - Sincerely, Dave Farina Join Cosmos Safari host Dave Farina as he travels with his RV to the Black Forest Star Party in Cherry Springs State Park in Potter County, PA. Cherry Springs State Park is Certified by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) as a Dark Sky Park, as a result of its very low levels of light pollution. Dark skies are necessary to conduct high quality DSLR Milky Way Astrophotography. While at the Black Forest Star Party, Dave speaks with BFSP Staff from the Central PA Observers as well as vendors and astrophotographers. Throughout this visit, Dave had the opportunity to conduct some wide-field DSLR milkyway astrophotography while tracking on a Losmandy G-11 German equatorial telescope mount. Guests: Steve Moyer President- Central Pennsylvania Observers Black Forest Star Party Website: Central Pennsylvania Observers Website: Trevor Jones YouTube Personality / Astrophotographer Trevor Jones Adam Toder Astrophotographer RedDog1972 on CloudyNights @spacedoutpics on Instagram Adam's 2019 Image Gallery: Music Credit: Epidemic Sound Disclaimer: If you click any of the links below I will receive a small commission that helps to support my channel. It costs you nothing, but means the world to me. Woodland Hills Camera and Telescope Affiliate Links: All Products - Please support the channel -
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